Winter Calls: Common Lawn and Garden Injuries You Must Know

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Winter Calls: Common Lawn and Garden Injuries You Must Know

Winters are serene, snowy and beautiful; there are a lot of people around the globe that desperately wait for the season to transform itself to winter and the raindrops to transform themselves into little drops of snow. If you are a winter fan, you surely know what we are talking about.

However, there is also something that you need to know – winter causes a lot of injuries, especially if you roam around in the lawn or garden a lot.

Here are the most common lawn and garden injuries that a lot of people have to face during winter months:

  • Back Injuries Caused by Shoveling off the Snow in the Lawn or Garden: When you look at the lawn or your garden, you find it extremely difficult to see the grass during the months of winter. This is because the snow covers the entire ground and you are just not able to walk out of the open space. Even if it constantly snows and you can’t do anything about it, you need to keep shoveling and cleaning off the gathered snow, so that you have at least some space to walk. Also, cleaning off the snow is essential to keep the lawn clean and also to protect the plants. When you clean off the snow, a lot of back injuries can be caused during the process.
  • Injuries from Tripping off and Falling on the Ground or While Avoiding A Fall: The surface of the ice is quite slippery and you are bound to trip off and fall on the ground, which leads to an injury, anywhere. There are times when you avoid a fall, but such times may also lead to some kinds of injuries.
  • Injuries Caused by Different Equipment you Need to Use During Winter Months: If you use winter equipment like snow blowers, snow throwers, etc., then there are chances for you to go through injuries from that as well. If you wish to avoid accidents, never stick your hand or foot into a snow thrower or blower. Keep yourself calm and alert while using such equipment during winter.
  • Hypothermia as well as ugly Frostbites: Hypothermia is quite rare, since it is not exposed only to the skin; however, frostbites are quite common and hence you should protect your skin from the same. The more you stay in your lawn or outside, the more prone you are to frostbites!
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