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Spring has sprung and so has everything that goes with it. People who like to tend their gardens will know that this is the time of year where the leaves grow back and those pesky weeds pop up everywhere due to the rainfall in certain areas. This mass of water also leads to an enormous growth in grass which only means one thing: it’s time to get that lawnmower out of the tool shed! However, you might find yourself soaked before you can even cut a portion of your yard and this can have disastrous effects when it comes to your lawnmower.

Your lawnmower is a piece of equipment that either works manually or electrically. Water could have undesirable consequences for both. It could stop working completely, it could start rusting, or it could damage some of the internal components. People are often quick to dismiss it as unfixable but nothing is ever totally broken that you can’t attempt to fix it. When your lawnmower acts up after it has been left out in the rain, do not be despondent and do not panic! Before you run to the nearest hardware store, try these few tricks first to ensure that your lawnmower is in working order again.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should not leave your lawnmower on its side as this will cause the oil to spill. It will no doubt leave you with a big mess. Rather get starter fluid and spray it into the carburettor. When you have done this, try switching the mower on and letting it run for a while. This will help in the drying process and prevent any rust that wants to form. Do not panic if it makes a few awful noises – it is part of the process! Once you have done this, take out the air filter and let it dry.

If, however, you lawnmower does not want to start you can try draining the gas and the oil to make sure it completely dries up. You might also need to insert a new spark plug and you might have to check the internal coil for rust. If it has rusted, you can easily clean it by removing it and using sandpaper along with a wire brush to sand it down. If you live in an area that experiences rain on a regular occurrence, you can protect the coil against rust by buying rust protection and treating the coil with it before it actually starts raining.

The best cure is always prevention and it is advisable for you to make sure that your lawnmower is protected and undercover at all times. A lawnmower that has gotten wet from the rain is one that will struggle to switch on and run. However, as we have shown you, all is not lost! You can still use your lawnmower after you have checked and treated the aspects we covered.

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