Storing Lawn Mower during the winter

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Storing Lawn Mower during the winter

Winter is about to come sooner, so this is a good time for you to store you lawn mower before the winter comes in a few next days. However, you should not let your lawn mower stored just like that. You will not go to school without taking a shower, will you? Just like when you are about to store your lawn mower. You must pay attention to several things. Why are those so necessary? You must not wish your lawn mower to be broken when it is stored, right? Therefore, it is really important to do some proper things for storing.

The purpose of proper storing of your lawn mower is so that it will be ready when the spring comes. At that time, you will be ready to mow your lawn because the mower will be fresh and work normally. Just simply follow several tips below to do the proper storing.

Cleaning Up Your Lawn Mower

Before storing your mower, you must clean it firstly. You must not wish to see your lawn mower to look so dirty in the storage. Besides, cleaning it up does not only make it look nice, but it also will make your lawn mower more resistant. You can clear and clean all the sides of the machine, starting from the body till the underneath the deck. You can use a tool such as a pressure washer to clean it. By doing so, when the spring comes, you are no need to clean it back and ready to use it directly.

Change the Oil

Just remember that you lawn mower uses an engine which needs some oil to operate. In this case, you must change the oil regularly, especially when you are about to store it when the winter comes. Since your lawn mower may work so hard recently, so you must change the oil to make the engine fresh. You need to do it because it can avoid any problems when you are about to use it back after storing.

Remove the Battery

When you want to store your lawn mower, you must remove the battery if your mower has a battery. You have to keep the battery in a safe, cool, and dry area so that the battery will not be broken. We never know if the battery becomes rusted and broken. Surely, you do not want to replace it with a new battery because the price is quite expensive.

Check the Gasoline

When you want to store your lawn mower, you should pay attention to gasoline in the tank. For safety, you are recommended to remove the gasoline. What is the purpose? By removing the gasoline, you are no need to be afraid of fire just in case an accident happens in the storage. Do you worry if your machine goes broken? Do not worry, it will be alright because the winter is just temporary.

Store Your Mower in a Good Place

Since you will not use the mower during the winter, so you must store it properly. In this case, you have to store it in a cool dry area. You must not let the mower exposed to water and sunlight. Therefore, you should store your mower in a shed. You also have to make sure that the mower is fully covered. You can use a large cloth or a wrapper to cover the mower. By doing so, your mower will not be contaminated by the dust and dirt. The last thing, you have to a make sure that the shed is locked property.

In summary, those are a few tips for you who want to store your lawn mower during the winter. By storing the mower properly, it will work normally and there will be no damage when you use the mower machine back to mow your lawn after the winter.

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