Preventing Common Lawn Care Errors

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Preventing Common Lawn Care Errors

One of the most enjoyed hobbies in the world, which has also been opted as a profession by many is gardening or lawn care. When talking about lawn care, most people might imagine the stereotype – mowing and watering. Lawns are living organisms, which most people take for granted, and before they know it, the negligence might lead to weeds in the lawn – and as a result, the lawn might lose the vibrancy it once had.

Although most people, who are passionate about keeping their lawns maintained know, how they have to deal with their lawns in each season separately, still there are some people who might not be properly familiar with the common errors they are making. Here is a list of these usual mistakes, and how you can prevent them.

Ø Excessive Fertilization:

Every passionate gardener, who knows how to take care of their lawns know, that the lawn needs fertilization a few times a year. However, the question is – how many times? The need for fertilization might drive people to apply fertilizer of a huge amount at a time, or you might even fertilize your lawn too often. This can lead to the grass getting dried and dying, within a matter of days. Most of these damages can be prevented by using organic or traditional fertilizers.

Ø Excessive Watering:

Watering might be a good option, if you are looking to have a vibrant and lush lawn. However, overwatering of your lawn might make it vulnerable to poor rooting. According to the professionals, the lawns need to get about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. In order to find out if the lawn needs water, you can let your lawn start to experience some draught in the start of summer. Then, walk on the surface and if the surface loses color, it is time to water the lawn.

Ø Short-Mowing:

Mowing your lawn is a good option, till you’re doing it the right way. Leaving your lawn’s grass too long might affect the roots of your lawn. However, cutting it too short might subject it to diseases. The best way to avoid your lawn from getting damaged through mowing is setting your mow cutter’s height to 2.5 to 3 inches.

Ø Shaded Areas:

If you’re selected area does not get much shade, maintaining a lawn might be a very daunting task for you. Lawns which do not get the required amount of sunlight might be very weak, thin and poor quality. In such cases, using a groundcover might be the best option you have.

The Bottom Line:

Lawns can help you set a first impression, which no one will forget for years to come. If you are looking to sell your house, your lawn might be the source of engagement for the buyers and when holding an event in your home, the lawn might be the place where everybody wants to get together. Hence, avoiding the common mistakes you make in caring for your lawn is very important, if you need your lawn to look lush and green.

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