Maintaining a healthy green lawn

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Maintaining a healthy green lawn

Anyone who has some experience of gardening would be aware of the many problems that one needs to take care of to end up with a good, green looking lawn. Our land has been going under numerous forms of transformations since the dawn of time. Be it for farming, irrigation or housing purposes. All this has impacted the overall fertility of the soil, making it less favorable for plantation. The hard land we get in the name of “lawn” when we build our houses is in no way ready to support life of any form. To begin with, you would need top soil. This is the light soil which is soft enough to help you grow some form of grass on it.

But it doesn’t end just there. To end up with a lawn that you would be proud of, you will have to follow the following tips.

Aeration: Kids and pets love to play on the soft green grass. No matter what you do, it is very hard to have them off it for long. End result: The soil of the lawn starts getting hard. It is for such tightly packed soil that aeration is important. It is a way of loosening up the soil to let some air pass through it. This circulation of air helps to make the soil more absorbent. The fertilizers and the water this way seep in easily to the roots of the plants.

Mowing it right: When we mow our grass, too often we cut it too short. This is not a suggested approach. For a healthy looking lawn, it is important that the lawn is not mowed at too short a height. You can, however, increase the mowing frequency to maintain the neatness of the lawn.

The importance of watering at the right time: Never water your lawn when the sun is shining at its peak. This will do it more damage than good. This way the water will end up evaporating leaving your lawn less hydrated. Another downside to it is that the sun will get attracted to your lawn and its high heat will end up burning the delicate grass. In summers, the best time to water the plants is either early in the morning or in the evening; both times when the sun is not at its peak.

Composting the Grass: Instead of piling up the grass cuttings to a side, let them fall evenly on your lawn to enhance the growth of grass and give your lawn a healthy look. This grass cuttings will prevent soil erosion too. So when you are cutting the grass, spend a little time spreading it out evenly throughout the lawn to give it a neat, healthy finish.

A green healthy lawn requires a lot of maintenance and hard work. These tips will guide you to work your way to a healthier attractive lawn which will soon become the talk of every household.

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