How to get that Old Lawnmower Running like New

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How to get that Old Lawnmower Running like New

Nothing beats seeing your mower start up on the first pull after a hard cold winter. It’s frustrating when your previously good mower fails to come on when needed on a warm bright day spring and no amount of tugging, pulling, or kicking will get it to work. You think buying a new mower every year is the solution? Well, you’re wrong! You can still get that old guy running.

There are simple ways to beat the system, so you don’t have to buy a new one every year. Try out these simple maintenance tips before giving up on that old loyal friend:

  • Change the Gas

It’s recommended to change the gas at least once in every season. In Fall, add Stabil before running the mower a bit and then store it for the winter. This prevents dark sticky buildup in the carburettor. If for any reason it skipped your mind, take the old gas out and replace with some new gas, adding Stabil to the gas tank.

  • Clean the Air-Filter

This is another quick way to get your old mower running as new. Grass, air, and dust surround lawn mowers, at the detriment of the lawn mowers. Brush your lawn mower’s air filter before cleaning it, and then replace it after ensuring it is dust and dirt free.

  • Check the spark plug

Spark plugs are cheap and can be easily removed. Get a new one and replace them if they are gummed up. They are inexpensive. If it appears clean, it is probably fine. All of these would only cost you about $4 – $8. This is actually cost effective considering how much a new mower costs. Give it a shot and see if you can get it going.

  • Replace the Oil

We regularly change our vehicle oil, but often leave our mowers running on the same oil forever. It’s pertinent to replace the oil every 25 hours of use or at least once in a season. Oil darkens with age. Just like a vehicle’s engine oil, it should be amber or golden color. Replacing your mower’s oil does not cost a fortune. For a recommended oil replacement, check the mower’s manual!

  • Sharpen the Blades

It’s necessary to sharpen the mower blades particularly if you live in an area with a lot of sand, stone, or dirt. When cut with a sharp blade, the grass looks very attractive and grows uniformly. You can get your blades sharpened at local hardware stores or go for a DIY.

  • Lube the Hubs

Finally, purchase a tub of grease and a grease gun to lube the Zerk which fits over the bearings where the blades turn. The bearings get shot when they get dry no matter how well every other thing works. It probably costs $10 and can be used for other things such as cars, etc.

That’s it! A quick and cost-friendly way of getting your old lawnmower to run like a new one!

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