Basic Lawn Care for the New Home Owner

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Basic Lawn Care for the New Home Owner

The key to a beautiful home is a beautiful lawn. There are many processes involved in lawn maintenance, especially if you are just starting out. In this article you will be walked through some of the basics involved in lawn care for the new home owner. So, you have just purchased your new home in a fantastic suburb and you and your family can’t wait to get settled in and enjoy your new life, the small matter of maintaining the lawn is one that should not be ignored. We have seen in many cases how quickly a pristine looking lawn can go bad and become full of weeds.

When to feed you lawn

A well fed lawn is much healthier and is in better shape to combat, foot traffic, snow and drought. An ideal number of times to feed your lawn is four. Everything is seasonal, lawns generally need to be fed the most in Early Spring, depending upon where you live late spring and summer can be negotiated with less care. Fall again sees the return of ideal growing conditions. The warm days, cool nights and substantial rainfall is perfect for grass. So schedule your lawn feeding activities accordingly and remember the healthier the lawn is the deeper its roots which help it stay hydrated and fresh.

Type of grass

We spoke about seasons. If you happen to see patches of grass missing or if you would like to expand your lawn then you need to make sure you pick the right kind of grass the suites the majority of the climate around you. If you are in a place which is predominantly cold then you can consider Bluegrass, Tall Fescue and fine fescue. Whereas if you live in a place where its predominantly warm then go for Bahia, Zoysia, Hybrid Bermuda. Factor in all the areas that are under constant shade also.

Organic Fertilizers are taking over

The soil contains nutrients for the grass to grow and this applies to weeds too unfortunately. Fertilizers tend to provide the nutrients that are missing from the soil. All soil was not created equal. Foot traffic recovery is also aided by fertilizers, consider this especially when you have many kids running around and playing. Coincidentally, this brings us to the next benefit, getting rid of pests that chew on the leaves and destroy the lawn. An organic fertilizer helps accomplish this in a much safer manner. An important point to note, when you apply the fertilizer make sure you fertilize when intense heat or severe cold has subsided. If you use it during these conditions it may be pointless.

Weeding out the problem

A lawn owners nemeses, Weeds. Lumps of clovers, crabgrass that appear suddenly can be a nuisance. The art is that some weeds can be fed and controlled at the same time but others require the application of a weed killer. There are zillions or brand out there for killing weeds but even here something organic would be helpful. They tend to remove weeds slowly but they are much more healthy.

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